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A few years back, Rockstar Leeds made a huge push for hiring PC developers to bring a title to the platform. It was later revealed that L.A. Noire was that title. Since LAN for PC's release, all job openings at Leeds have specifically called for mobile developers, with no mention of PC. Fast forward to this week, Leeds is once again posting openings specifically for PC graphics developers to "help bring [Rockstar's] latest titles to the PC platform." Interestingly enough, the latest posting specifically mentions next-generation games.

Rockstar Leeds isn't the only studio with some interesting job developments. The folks over at Playstation Lifestyle came across a recent job opening at Rockstar Toronto that calls for developers working on a "large scale game". While not particularly revealing, it motivated PSL to do some more digging. They then came across an LinkedIn profile of a former developer who details a number of components he worked on, two of which deal with large populations and behaviors. The profile also specifically states that it is an "unannounced title", so it's likely not Agent or Grand Theft Auto V.

Could it be a Rockstar Toronto original game? If so, it would be the first original title the studio has worked on since The Warriors in 2004. Toronto did briefly work on a title "Mods vs. Rockers", however that was canceled before being announced. Since that time, the studio has been mainly working on ports, namely Manhunt 2 for the Wii and Grand Theft Auto IV for PC. An original title coming now would make sense as the studio recently merged with fellow Canadian studio Rockstar Vancouver (of Bully and Max Payne 3 fame) late last year and since then has expanded significantly. As for what the title could be, that is still up for question. However, Dan Houser went on record last year wanting to do a Bully sequel and explaining that the only thing holding it back was a "lack of development bandwidth."

Source: Rockstar Games | Playstation Lifestyle

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