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After a joke of a "Grand Theft Auto V" week last year, IGN is out for redemption. IGN has posted a first hands on preview of GTAV. As always, we've summarized the important bits below:

  • The city feels living but lived-in (cracked roads, graffiti, shopfronts and billboards).
  • The weapon wheel stores all weapons you've collected, even after running out of ammo or getting busted.
  • Police AI is much more aggressive, opting more often to pick you off from a distance.
  • Expanding on IV, NPC drivers have much more varied responses to attempting jackings.
  • Franklin has immediate access to a number of high-powered vehicles thanks to his dealership repo job.
  • Repossession is one of the first missions in the game where Franklin (surprise!) retrieves a motorcycle from a gang-banger who hasn't made a payment.
  • At one point in Repossession, a vehicle leaves a trail of fuel. Shooting the trail sparks a flame that blows up the car.
  • Three's Company is the first mission that introduces all three characters.
  • The screen will flash a certain color to signal a switch: Michael is blue, Franklin is green and Trevor is orange.
  • A character flashing red in the switching menu means they are in danger of being killed while white indicates the character is in prime position for support.
  • The mission Derailed consists of all three characters hijacking a train shipment.
  • Trevor was able to drive the train during the Derailed mission, it is unknown if you'll be able to outside of the mission.
  • Enemies can use parachutes to arrive at your location.
  • In the mission Nervous Ron, The Lost MC have ransacked Trevor's trailer and he wants their weapons business.
  • The country side is much, much darker at night compared to the city.
  • Sound can be heard coming from a neon sign just outside Ammu-Nation.
  • Weapons customizations are never lost, even after dying or getting busted.
  • The player was able to hit a coyote with his ATV that bolted in front of him, the animal gives off a whelp as he drives away.
  • At one point the mission Nervous Ron has you shooting out lights to conceal bodies.
  • The wind from the plane propellers kicks up water.
  • The player throttles down too much as the engines get cut, however he is able to get them to kick back to life just in time to land.
  • In the mission Vinewood Babylon, you use a special, computer controlled mountain rifle to shoot down a plane.

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