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A new update to Grand Theft Auto V has been released. This update, which is version 1.03, once again brings a number of fixes for issues with Grand Theft Auto Online.

  • Fixes multiple issues causing character deletion or other loss of progress
  • Fixes issues causing infinite loading, infinite sky cams, and missing interface options between jobs
  • Fixes an issue causing the "replay" option to be locked out on certain jobs
  • Fixes an issue where a player would become stuck in the mod garage when respraying a Sanchez motor bike
  • Fixes an issue where the Player became stuck inside Los Santos Customs during Online tutorial flow. 
  • Fixes an issue causing the loss of guns and ammo
  • Fixes issues causing GTA races ending early because of players spawning too far ahead
  • Fixes issues in Last Team Standing where sessions would not progress past the lobby
  • Fixes issues with network errors when joining Last Team Standing using Quick Job
  • Added clarifications around when a player is using a temporary character in GTA Online during Rockstar Cloud server outages
  • Adjusts the monetary penalty for being killed in a One on One match

The update is out now on PlayStation 3. Those of you on Xbox 360 will have to wait a bit longer as Microsoft has seemingly once again held up the certification process.

While the update fixes a number of issues related to character loss, those of you that have already lost your character will have to wait while Rockstar continues to research the possibility of restoring lost characters.

EDIT: The update is now out on both platforms.

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