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19 Apr 2014 - Back in Business

In the past month or so you may have noticed the site has been silent. Sadly, a number of things contributed to this such as college assignments and a last-minute Windows 7 migration at a client (approved last minute). Fortunately (or unfortunately -- the PC version still hasn't been announced), not much has happened since the Business Update for GTAOnline so there wasn't that much to miss.

Out Now

  • Patch 1.12 was released on 4/8, bringing a number of exploit fixes and fixes for things that previous updates broke. It also added a new Lester ability to have the cops ignore your crimes for a period of time and 50RP bonuses for liking/disliking jobs. A full changelog can be found at the Rockstar Support website.
  • Players can now use the content creation tool to make their own custom capture jobs. Rockstar has created a PDF guide that guides you through the process.
  • A number of new player created jobs have received the Rockstar stamp of approval, around 20 in all. Rockstar has added a number of Rockstar created capture jobs.


  • Grand Theft Auto Online's soundtrack will be updated with never-before-heard tracks from the original soundtrack recording sessions
  • The High Life update, releasing sometime this spring, will bring players new high-end apartments, the Bullpup Rifle, new clothing items, the Dinka Thrust motorcycle and three new high-end vehicles such as the Pegassi Zentorno and the Dewbauchee Massacro. Want that second home you've been looking at? The update also brings the ability to own two properties at once along with a new "mental state" player statistic.
  • Oh and heists -- they're supposedly coming this spring too.

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