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We recently came across this awesome trailer for a fan-made web series titled "SNUFFED" based on the events from Manhunt 1. The trailer was released last year as part of an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funding. Unfortunately, the team behind it seems to have canceled the project. According to the YouTube description, they cite the project wouldn't be able to continue without the approval of Rockstar.

This cancellation seemingly continues the tradition of Rockstar fan-made projects facing issues with obtaining permission. Some years back the Max Payne fan-film Payne & Redemption faced legal problems from Fox, which owns the film rights to Max Payne thanks to Remedy selling off those rights just before selling the rest of the franchise to Take-Two. As a result, the film had to change its name and can no longer call the main character "Max Payne". It's unclear at the moment if the creators of SNUFFED actually reached out to Rockstar or if there's another reason at play.

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