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Sigh, here we go again. Rockstar has announced (sadly, almost unsurprisingly at this point) that Grand Theft Auto Forever....err...Grand Theft Auto V for PC has been delayed for a third time. Originally announced as coming last fall, the PC version slipped to the date of January 27th. Then in a surprising twist just a few weeks before the planned date, Rockstar revealed that they were delaying until March 25. In an apparent attempt at setting a record for most delays of a port, Rockstar has again announced today that they are now targeting April 14. The reason cited was to ensure "as much polish as possible" which is great but let's delve a bit deeper into why so much time has been needed.

A work area inside Rockstar North

The PC version has been in production since at least 2012 according to Rockstar's own bug tracking logs found in the PS3 version back in 2013. Yes, that's right - it has now taken 4 years for a port to be finished. With a company as big as Rockstar, why has it taken this long? Rockstar seems to have made a huge mistake in predicting how much development bandwidth they actually had. We assume that the early development of the PC version was in-fact actually in preparation for the new generation of consoles as they use similar architecture to the PC. Back before release of the Xbone, Microsoft was still way behind and didn't deliver final development kits until just a few months before release of the console. Then it wasn't until the next year after release that they gave developers a finalized graphics driver. Knowing this and Rockstar's love for console platforms, we assume that at some point top priority shifted away from perfecting PC to making it work correctly on Xbox One and perfecting PlayStation 4. Rockstar also wanted to add first person view among other new features which needed to be developed and implemented - along with the heists which they said would launch shortly after Online but ended up going through several different redesigns. Oh and did I mention Online content packs, fixing Online issues and the single player DLC that is supposedly still being developed?

So with all that in mind, it's no wonder why Rockstar keeps kicking the can down the road. And while it's great they are not releasing the PC version until it's good and ready, it would be nice to have Rockstar open up more lines of communication with not only the community - but more internal communication between developers, management and marketing as well so they don't make unrealistic promises.

Oh, and heists are supposedly coming March 10th.

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