News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

While the PC version of Max Payne 3 has had a very positive launch (for myself included), there are still a few issues to be addressed. Rockstar has acknowledged this and has already released the first patch for the game. This patch brings fixes for the most common problems people are having. Below is the changelog. To get the patch, simply launch the game.

Compatibility Issues
* Fixed reported issues with needing service packs, compatibility with incorrect OS.
Various Crashes 
* Fixed a range of issues which could have led to crashes on startup and in-game.
Audio Crash
* Fixed reported issues of audio dropouts when no audio device was plugged in, or when the headphones/speakers disconnected while in game.
Mouse Sensitivity
* Fixed reported issues of mouse being sluggish, especially in prone and Shootdodge™. Increased top end range of mouse sensitivity, but kept the slider from 1-10, allowing the user more range in their sensitivity setting.
Mouse Acceleration
* Fixed reported issues of mouse acceleration affecting aiming, included commandline option to disable mouse acceleration, -nomouseaccel (In a future update, this will be added as an option in the Mouse Controls menu).
Stretched Image / Wrong Aspect Ratio
* Fixed reported issues of game locked in incorrect aspect ratio, or alt-entering and having incorrect aspect ratio. Added commandline option for locked aspect ratio as commandline option -aspectratio width:height  (ie. -aspectratio 4:3 / -aspectratio 16:9) In a future update, this will be added as an option in the Graphics menu.
Video Memory Reporting as 0MB
* Fixed reported issues of the video card reporting having 0MB of video memory available.  Users unable to adjust Graphics options because of this (Also helps fix stuttering on some video cards).
Rockstar also noted that they will be addressing the issue of cheaters and hackers in an upcoming patch.

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