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Max Payne 3 is finally almost upon us. In true Rockstar fashion, Rockstar sent out fansite administrators from all over the world to New York City. Sadly some were unable to make it due to location and restrictions, but a number were able such as RockstarBase, PayneKillers, GTA Hood', GTA Warehouse, The GTA Place and more. The rough count I had was around 16-18 people in all. Some from the United States and a number of them from the UK and elsewhere across the pond. While much of what we seen is still under wraps, we have been allowed to talk about certain aspects of the game and the story. I apologize if the article seems a bit short. I've been busy this past week with a couple of real life things in addition to the challenges of setting up a new website. For those who stick around, I'll be updating the article with more detail and information as I remember/get the time to. If there's something specific you want answered, just ask it in the comments and I'll answer it the best I can. Also, be sure to check out the articles from fellow fansites which we have linked to at the end of this article.


All of us arrived on Friday but at different times. After giving us some time to settle in our hotel rooms, Rockstar took us all out to a place called Brooklyn Bowl. In addition to the bowling, it had a dance floor complete with a DJ, and later a jazz band. A bar to drink away your self pity of failing at bowling. Not to mention they also served food similar to real restaurants and not the usual small menu of bowling alleys I'm used to. We started leaving around 11 PM and all of us arrived back at the hotel about an hour later.
JFK Airport Soho Grand Hotel Brooklyn Bowl

Saturday, the second day of the trip. They let us have the morning and afternoon to ourselves. I decided to sleep in until 10:30. Around 1 I left the hotel to walk around for a bit. I originally wanted to go to Times Square and Battery Park but there was only a few hours to the event and I didn't trust traffic enough that I'd make it there and back on time. So I just settled on walking around near the hotel. I found a place called the AOA Bar and Grill, supposedly a relatively new place according to their website. After enjoying brunch, I walked back toward Canal Street. I found a number of tourist shops and in true fashion selling things at a steep markup. 
After the tourist shopping I headed back to the hotel. Around 4 I went down to the lobby. We were rounded up into vehicles and taken to a undisclosed building. Inside was a Rockstar fan's dream come true. There was a bar where two lovely ladies were serving drinks and a bunch of snacks across from the bar. On the first floor there were a number of Xbox 360 developer kits setup to play Max Payne 3 complete with comfy seats. On the balcony were 4 PCs all with different specifications. We were first told to play single player.

Starting with single player, we played three levels of the game,
 some of which you've heard and seen via trailers and previews . The first two took place in Sao Paulo and the last one we seen was a flashback level that took place in New York City. All three levels offered up some very unique gameplay and required different strategies. Max's classic "inner-dialog" is back and better than ever as well as the classic comic book panel storytelling but with a new twist. How these new panels work is a cutscene will play and at key points in the dialog the game will do a freeze frame and transition it over into a panel to continue the cutscene in another panel. This allows for a far deeper and involved story while still keeping the classic storytelling element from the first two Max Payne games. Rockstar's classic attention to detail is here and there a number of extras to find that will keep you busy to find them all. Speaking of replayability, while the game is a linear game, the vastly improved shootdodge and bullet time systems will have you replaying the game over and over just to discover all the ways you can take out your targets. Many of us found ourselves constantly replaying the same levels over again just to find different ways we could take out enemies.

Now onto multiplayer which is something completely new to the series. Many may just assume it's just a tack on, but I assure you it's something Rockstar has put a lot of love into just like the story. All of the elements you'd expect from single player are here, including bullet time and shootdodge. When bullet time is activated, people who can see you will also go into bullet time. At first this sounds like it would get annoying, being randomly put into bullet time, but the game seems to be balanced enough to the point where it wasn't that much of an issue. In fact, going into bullet time can get yourself killed easier due to the fact that it gives other enemies around you a slower target to shoot at. So use caution when using it as it's a double edged sward. While I can't say how many levels multiplayer has, I can say it's pretty expansive not only in terms of playlists, but also in terms of awesome secrets that Rockstar has lined up for you guys. If you're a big fan of Max Payne or even just a fan of the multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption, I strongly believe that you'll love Max Payne 3 multiplayer.
Before the night was up, Thomas of RockstarBase and I decided to do something special with the bullet casings that covered the bar. After about 40 minutes of work (mainly on the star), we completed the Rockstar logo you see below and attracted a lot of attention.
Event first floor Balcony Rockstar Bullet Logo

I want to take a second to thank Rockstar for sending everyone out to New York City to play the game. It was great to meet others from Rockstar and fellow fansite administrators. Hopefully I'll see all of you at the next event!

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