News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Almost every Grand Theft Auto has had a teaser site of some kind. These teaser sites are actual real websites based on something from the game. For example, Citizens United Negating Technology was a group in Liberty City Stories that was trying to ban the Internet. As promotional material, Rockstar created an actual website for the group.

When San Andreas was the hot next release, Rockstar created a website for the fictional cult The Epsilon Program. The Epsilon Program is a fictional cult based on Scientology and other scam/brainwashing cults. Kifflom is the "God" the program warships. Two excellent fansite covering the program have popped up over the years and have done excellent research on the topic: My Epsilon and My Epsilon Daily News.

So what does this have to do with Grand Theft Auto V? As spotted by T777 on fellow fansite GTAForumsthe website has been updated sometime in the past couple of days. The website now features links to a new Twitter account setup for the program. On the Twitter account are three Tweets, with the first one starting July 25th. The Tweets contain the usual Rockstar humor such as this gem:

Seems we could be on the verge of Rockstar starting up it's famous marketing and seeing more of Grand Theft Auto V. We'll keep you posted if any more teaser sites get the update treatment or new ones appear!

Kifflom brother.

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