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Ever wanted to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with the combined power of the engine used in Grand Theft Auto IV? The GTA IV: San Andreas mod team has been working on just that since late 2010. Today marks the release of the third beta, which is "World Enhancement". World Enhancement includes a number of fan requested fixes and improvements such as:

• Multiplayer
 Gang wars

• Improved Setup
• Improved Launcher   
 Improved overall graphics
 Remade timecyc
 Far distance for trees and lights
 Las Venturas updates
 Props fixes
 Breakable objects
 More vehicles
 More weapons
 More peds
 More sounds
 More collision materials
 More shaders
• Bug fixes
• ...AND MORE!

We highly recommend you check it out! To download the mod, simply head on over to the official website!

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