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25 Sep 2012 - OpenIV 1.2 released

GooD-NTS has released OpenIV 1.2, an update for this extremely popular all-in-one mod tool for Grand Theft Auto IV and Max Payne 3 on PC. This new version brings about two big developments which modders will love.

The first development is the ability to edit the RPF files for Max Payne 3. Previous versions of OpenIV only allowed for the viewing and extracting of these files. While this doesn't mean full on modding for Max Payne 3 yet as the formats still need to be researched, it is one less hurdle that is in the way.

The other big development OpenIV 1.2 brings is support for Grand Theft Auto IV's PED paths or Nav meshes. This means that total conversions such as Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas and the excellent upcoming Our Ugly World can now finally implement pedestrians roaming the city on foot as opposed to being stuck in their vehicles.

To download OpenIV 1.2 or to view the full changelog, simply head on over to the official website.

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