News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Rockstar has released more details regarding the "Hostage Negotiation" DLC pack for Max Payne 3 which is releasing later this fall. The pack bring four new mutiplayer maps: Club Moderno (the night club in the beginning chapter), Estadio Do Galatiana (the stadium), O Palacio Strip Club and Favela Heights. Besides four new multiplayer maps, the pack also includes the Filhos De Ogum avatar factionM24 Sniper Rifle, IA2 Assault Rifle, Explosive Burst for booby traps, Bomb Suit and the Intimidation Mask that causes slower reload times for enemies.

The pack will be available sometime this fall for 800 MS points or $9.99. If you own the Rockstar Pass, you will of course receive the pack at no extra cost. 

To make up for the lack of communication, Rockstar will release next week an chrome weapons bonus to all Social Club members free of charge. More details on this will come next week.

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