News: Social Club cards launched

Ever since the announcement and trailer release last year, fans have been clamoring for new information on Grand Theft Auto V. A few months ago it looked like we were about to get a steady amount of information due to the sudden barrage of screenshots. However,  just as with the trailer last year, someone turned off the information faucet leaving us only with a "more in a few weeks or so". 

Today Andy McNamara, editor of the popular Game Informer magazine, has confirmed today via his Twitter that he is in New York City checking out Grand Theft Auto V. He also mentions that the game will be the cover story for the December issue. A cover story in Game Informer is seemingly a tradition for Rockstar and has been the beacon for fans that a large amount of information is about to drop. Hopefully history repeats itself on this one and we are not left to dry on information!

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