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A Polish Grand Theft Auto V fanstie has released pictures of what appears to be a leaked promotional poster for Grand Theft Auto V. The poster in question features a brand new piece of artwork along with the Pest Control artwork that was released earlier this week. The poster also mentions a release window of Spring 2013 and confirms that Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The poster makes no mention of a PC version, something that was thought to have been coming due to the secrecy Rockstar had regarding the platforms. According to the fansite, the poster was leaked from a Sony Style store in London, UK.

The biggest question of legitimacy people are having is that the poster seems to have an odd layout. The answer to this is the store would receive this cardboard poster and cut out each piece of artwork. This means they would end up with two of the pest control artwork, two of the unreleased artwork and two of the "pre-order now" information. I personally think it's legitimate due to the fact the new artwork matches the same exact art style Rockstar took with the Pest Control artwork. The poster also has a few things right that fakers usually don't pay attention to. If the poster does turn out to be fake, the person that created it deserves credit as this would have taken some time and hard work to create.

The release window and the artwork should be confirmed in the upcoming issue of Game Informer which releases in just eleven more days!

EDIT: Some people are claiming that the artwork is a fake because there are some differences in the art compared to the released Pest Control artwork. Firstly, it's hard to judge that seeing as how we're trying to compare a phone picture of an artwork with an HD version of a different piece of artwork. Secondly, the differences they have could just be playing into the theme of rich vs rags we see in the trailer. The pest control artwork is from a scene in the "rich" part of Vinewood. The leaked artwork however appears to be taken in a rundown, "rags" part of Los Santos. The pest control artwork is clean and gives off a "happy" vibe while the leaked art gives off a gritty, dark feeling. Keep in mind that there are multiple people on the art team at Rockstar so the art styles are not always going to match up.

Thanks to GTAMadMan2k13 for the fixed character close-up.

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