News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Just a few days ago we reported that a promotional poster for Grand Theft Auto V featuring a new piece of artwork was leaked by a fansite. Then just yesterday we reported Rockstar had left a number of references to Grand Theft Auto V in it's Social Club PC files. Today we bring you yet another leak from the folks at GAME UK.

As spotted by IGN before it was deleted, an individual GAME store in the UK tweeted an image of what appears to be placeholder box inserts for Grand Theft Auto V. There are three different inserts in the image, two of which contain new artwork. The first artwork is a female police officer arresting a debutante. The second artwork in the image is a gentlemen sitting on a quad bike holding a sniper rifle. In the background you can spot a country-style mini water tower and a cactus along with some mountain ranges. The last artwork is the previously released Pest Control artwork. On the back of all three inserts are two images from the Leisure and Business screenshot sets that were officially released some time ago. All three inserts confirm the previous leak's Spring 2013 release window for GTAV.

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