News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

The December issue of Game Informer, which features 22 pages full of Grand Theft Auto V information and screeshots, was just released a few hours ago. We are proud to bring you our own summary of what is said in the issue, including the screenshots and artwork that are in the magazine but at higher-resolutions than what the issue features. Enjoy!


  • Mechanics
    • All mechanics revamped
    • Cars hold to the ground better, feels like a racing game
    • The game now has a soundtrack like Bully and Redemption that plays while you're on missions
  • Game World
    • The exterior world and the interiors combined are bigger than Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV and San Andreas combined, with room to spare.
    • Fully-modeled 24/7's return
    • Ammu-nations return
    • Fully explorable Mt. Chiliad
    • A Salton Sea region
    • A military base
    • Explorable, fully detailed sea floor
    • Research in LA resulted in a quarter-million photos and many hours of video
  • Protagonists
    • Switch between the three protagonists at any time at the press of a button
    • When you switch, the camera pulls away from your current character Google Earth-style (or MCLA-style) and then zooms into the character you selected
    • When you're not controlling a character, they go about their own business, leading their own lives
    • Each protagonist has his own fleshed-out story arch
  • Story
    • Game has a big focus on heists
    • Some characters have returned from the GTAIV era, none from PS2 era
    • Random encounters are back
  • Things to do
    • More side missions
    • More sophisticated mini games
    • Some activities are for all three, some are unique
    • Can perform yoga
    • Can play tennis
    • Fully-fledged golf game
    • No dating
    • No RPG-style player customization (no working out or getting fat)
    • Can change clothing, even change into just underwear
    • TV shows have returned
    • Dynamic missions such as attacking random money trucks (like in Chinatown Wars) or catching a mugger who snatched a purse
  • Vehicles
    • BMX bikes
    • Mountain Bikes
    • Road bikes
    • Dirt bikes
    • Planes
    • Fighter jets
    • ATVs
    • JetSkis
    • No need to take pilot school
    • Sentinel XS sports car
    • Bodhi (a large truck similar to a convertible Jeep Wrangler)
    • 9F (similar to an Audi R8)
  • Protagonists
    • Michael
      • Early 40s
      • retired bank robber
      • voice in the first trailer
      • in witness protection
      • has a daughter named Tracy
      • has a son named Jimmy
      • wife is Amanda
      • Demo Introduction Mission
        • Starts by introducing Michael resting alongside a pool while waring flip flops in the rich neighborhood of Rockford Hills. He has a private tennis court and in the distance is the cityscape of downtown Los Santos. His wife is burning through his cash and he doesn't communicate well with his children. He walks into his mansion and Tracy, his daughter, is playing a Just Dance-type game. "It's called exercise - you should try it" she tells her father. Amanda, his wife, is seen going out to her Sentinel XS sports car. She yells to him, "If you want to know where I am you can check your credit card statements." He then yells back to her, "Hey, I'm feeling lucky! I'll check the hospitals." With the wife gone, Michael grabs his bicycle out of his garage and rides down the neighborhood. GI states that they spot sprinkler systems, rolling hills and high-end luxury cars.
    • Trevor
      • Early 40s
      • career criminal
      • former military pilot
      • lives in Blaine County
      • drug user
      • violent outbursts and destructive rampages
      • used to work with Michael
      • wears plain white t-shirts
      • has a tattoo that says "Cut Here" with a dotted line around his neck
      • Demo Introduction Mission
        • After switching from Michael, the camera zooms into a desert region of the map where Trevor's ramshackle trailer is. The mission starts off with him battling constipation, with him yelling "I need a fucking midwife for this thing!" He gets into his Bodhi, a large truck similar to a convertible Jeep Wrangler, and heads down the road. Blaine County, where he lives, is a desert region full of meth heads, bikers and other "special kinds" of people. He pulls into a parking lot and flips off the people standing there. The playtester then grabs a can of gas, douses the truck and then sets the gas on fire with his Zippo lighter. He stands back and admires. The fire sets a blaze to the tires, then to the chassis and then reaches the gas tank causing an explosion.
    • Franklin
      • Mid 20s
      • repo man for Armenian Luxury car dealership
      • South Los Santos
      • stumbles into Michael when looking for a hustle
      • Demo Introduction Mission
        • Starts off with Franklin cruising Vespucci Beach looking for a car to repo. The beach has tons of activities such as a gym. He locates the vehicle, a 9F, which is similar to an Audi R8. He gets into the car and puts the top down. As he's driving, a number of familiar businesses are present, such as Ammu-Nation. 
  • Other Characters
    • Lamar
      • Franklin's crazy friend
      • Funny
    • Jimmy
      • 20 years old
      • Michael's son
      • Pot smoker
      • Confused relationship with Michael
    • Amanda
      • Michael's wife
      • Michael is said to have been awful to her
  • Other missions
    • Trevor and Michael have the FIB on them and they are forced to perform a snatch and grab for the FIB. They meet at a helipad to pick up a helicopter supplied to them by the FIB.  Trevor has agreed to the mission on the promise that his friend Brad will be freed. Michael tells Trevor "We'll talk about Brad later." Michael changes into an outfit that is suitable for rappelling a skyscraper. Then Michael and Trevor get into the chopper and fly away. The copper arrives at the IAA HQ (the CIA). Franklin is already waiting for them, perched with a sniper in a building nearby. The player then controls Michael as he rappels down the side of the IAA skyscraper. A musical score intensifies as Michael locates the target. Michael smashes through the window to rescue the target from the enhanced interrogation techniques. From here, an icon appears letting the player switch to Franklin to help snipe from afar. While the mission allows you to stay as Michael if you wanted to, the player switches to Franklin. The camera transitions to Franklin and his sniper rifle where you can help Michael pick off remaining agents. After Trevor picks up Michael and their target, a helicopter chase ensues. During this chase, you can pick who you want to be. You can be Trevor and pilot the helicopter or Michael and fire an assault rifle out the back of the helicopter or you can be Franklin and snipe the other pilots. 




EDIT: A couple of new screens have appeared on Game Informer's website.

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