News: Social Club cards launched

While we just received our first glimpse of Grand Theft Auto Online, websites such as CVG and Gamespot were fortunate enough to experience a 50-minute long demo a few weeks ago. As always, we've summarized their previews below.

  • Doesn't unlock until October 1st, two weeks after GTAV releases (So no multiplayer until then)
  • Comes with all copies of Grand Theft Auto V.
  • No online passes.
  • 16 players in each instance
  • Looting, heists, deathmatches, races, gang attacks, crew v. crew playlists, tennis, BASE jumping, golf and more confirmed.
  • Ambient events such as van robberies, crate drops, car import/export and bounties.
  • You can buy the penthouse at the end of the GTAV gameplay trailer - complete with a garage that stores 10 custom cars.
  • At home, you can spy on people with your CCTV, watch TV channels, take showers or change clothes.
  • Spotted on the TV was a 1930s "animal detective" show titled Moosehead Investigations.
  • Weazel News is also available on TV - you can watch live chases of people in your game instance getting chased.
  • Your character will lip-sync to what you say in the microphone.
  • During hold ups, AI-characters will react to the urgency of your voice when you speak into your microphone.
  • You can shout into your microphone to distract enemies.
  • You can pull up an Interaction Menu to put on masks, hats and glasses.
  • You can take out insurance on your customized cars and call for a replacement if it gets destroyed.
  • Customized cars will get impounded if you leave them too long. You can pay a fee to get them back.
  • You can hire a personal mechanic to fix up your vehicles and deliver them to your location.
  • Rockstar plans to constantly add missions and content.
  • Players can make custom races and missions using in-game tools - then share them with the world.
  • Tools will be limited to deathmach and races at launch but will be expanded upon over time - such as the ability to make multi-stage heists.
  • You can share cash, weapons and ammo among your team.
  • Sneak-attack with a knife from behind is back.
  • "The Feed" lets you access your emails, texts and messages from Social Club.
  • You can choose to keep lots of money on you or deposit it in the bank.
  • When you die, you'll spill some money; so it's best you only keep what you need and deposit the rest.
  • You can invest into the stock market.
  • Pull attacks on companies to decrease their share price.
  • Can place markers for meet ups.
  • Car radio is synced.
  • Leslie Benzies hinted that in the future new locations will be made available (Liberty City or Vice City anyone?)

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