News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

We've just received this RockstarNexus exclusive screenshot of Grand Theft Auto V from the fine folks at Rockstar. Taken at the area of the Vinewood sign, you can spot what looks to be a monster truck in the distance with police in hot pursuit of the vehicle, while something explodes behind them. In the distance is also a lovely vista of Los Santos.

A number of our fellow fansites are also recieving screenshots. So far we've spotted The GTA Place, iGTA5, GTAWarehouse, GTANet, GTAInside, GTA-Series, GTATurk, RockstarNetwork, RockstarWold, GTAForum, GTAPro, Rockstar98, RockstarResource, GTAGaming,RockstarWatch and RockstarBase.

Late last week, we also received this fansite package from Rockstar. It contains four shirts, two Rockstar Studios sticker packs and four GTAV stickers. The package is also supposed to include a 2GB GTAV branded USB stick, however it either fell out of mine or a curious soul at FedEx rummaged through the package.

Again, we want to thank the folks at Rockstar for both the screenshot and the awesome package. While other studios send cease and desists to fansites, Rockstar always goes the extra mile for fans.

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