News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Ever since our first look at Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar has been teasing the ability to perform heists with friends. Seemingly each time it's even mentioned the can is kicked further down the road with little information to show. Today, we finally have some tangible evidence Duke Nukem Forever online heists does in-fact exist in the form of a minute long trailer and a preview from IGN. The trailer can be view above and as always we've summed up the important bits from the preview below:

  • "Early 2015" release date
  • Rebuilt from ground up several times
  • Four players at rank 12 or above
  • Spent time making sure it's interesting for all positions in the team
  • One player will act as leader
  • Planning a heist requires owning a high-end apartment
  • Leader will be responsible for funding any prep work
  • Crew members (except leader) get a payout for each prep mission
  • Five heists strands with 20 total missions
  • Bonus reward for playing all five in order with same set of players
  • Bonus reward for playing all five in first-person mode
  • "Elite Challenges" for meeting certain criteria such as accuracy

Rockstar had previously stated that heists would be the next update after the NewGen versions launched, but that doesn't look to be the case with the holiday's update fast approaching. However, seeing as Rockstar finally seems to be happy with the state heists is in, we'd expect the early 2015 release date to really be early 2015 - perhaps even near or soon after the PC version?

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