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The Grand Theft Auto V leaks just keep on happening.

Today's first leak comes courtesy of arealhero on fellow fansite GTAForums. It seems stores are being sent FlyUS branded tourist "photo viewers" which inside have never before seen screenshots of the game. The screenshots also have the names of the location of where the screenshot was taken. Areas featured include the Zancudo River, Grapeseed, Vinewood Hills, Vespucci Canals and the Del Perro Peir. One screenshot features a tractor.

Along with the photo viewers, letters were sent to stores outlining the pre-order bonuses and the two previously leaked posters. The letter mentions that trailer 2 was released. Since GTAV wasn't supposed to go up for pre-order until the 5th, it seems logical the second trailer was supposed to release sometime this week or next week. However as we note at the end of this article, the second trailer has been delayed.

As mentioned before, Rockstar has confirmed that the second trailer is experiencing a delay due to the devastating Hurricane Sandy that struck the east coast. As power is still out in Manhattan, there is no power to the Rockstar NYC office. Our thoughts go out to those at Rockstar NYC and everyone else that has been affected by the storm. As huge of a deal the second trailer is to us fans, we can absolutely wait for a video game trailer while people try to recover from having their lives shattered. If you'd like to help, please consider donating to the Red Cross.

EDIT: Game Informer has posted the two leaked posters in high quality. No word on if it was on purpose or if it was a slip-up. In the first poster we can now tell that the Dog's name is "Chop". The second artwork we can see that Love Fist, the 80's hair metal band from Vice City, makes a return in GTAV!

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