News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

A number of publications have just published brand new previews for Grand Theft Auto V. So far we've spotted previews from CVG, OPM UK, Kotaku, EDGE, Destructoid, USA Today, Video Gamer and IGN. As always, we're working to bring you an overview of the new information and screenshots in the previews so please stay tuned.


  • Mechanics
    • The heath, body armor and specials meters are in a corner (which corner isn't said)
    • Special abilities - Each protagonist has a special ability that recharges over time
      • Franklin has the ability to slow down time while driving
      • Trevor has a frenzy mode where he'll do double damage
      • Michael is Max Payne with his own Bullet-Time
    • Skills (stamina, strength, stealth, flying etc) from San Andreas make a return, however the only confirmed way to increase them are through missions
    • The character selector is divided into four triangles
    • You enter multiplayer through the character selector
    • You can hire people to your crew in addition to Michael, Franklin and Trevor
    • If you or another protagonist dies during a mission, you get thrown back to the last saved checkpoint
    • Pay N' Spray is now also a mod shop where you can get new paint jobs, wheels, window tines, grilles, spoilers, suspension, engine and brakes
    • Customizable weapons such as adding laser sights, scopes, silences and high capacity magazines
    • Personal customization, such as haircuts, clothes and tattoos
  • Game World
    • The entire city is open from the start
    • Underwater is fully detailed, complete with sharks, deep ridges, schools of fish and barnacle-encrusted wrecks you can explore for treasure.
    • Scuba gear is only found on some boats, such as the Zodiac
    • You'll see other NPCs diving for treasure
    • NPCs were spotted fishing
    • A massive stretch of water called the "Alamo Sea"
    • There is a military base
    • Mountain Lion spotted
    • A mountain called Mount Josiah
    • Five times as many pedestrians in GTAV than was present in GTAIV
    • Little details such as moths flying around and insects spotted
  • Protagonists
    • Each have special abilities (See the mechanics section for details)
  • Story
    • There'll be a series of highs and lows in the story
    • The demo that websites previewed at is the same armor vehicle heist briefly featured in the latest trailers
    • Missions between heists primary focus on getting the tools to complete the heist
    • There's a side mission where you have to protect a star named Lacey Jonas from the paparazzi
    • Michael watches old Vinewood action movies for inspiration on heists
  • Things to do
    • Pamela Drake, a washed-up film actress, can be heard at a club singing
    • You can ride in tour buses and take a tour of celebrity homes
    • You can swim to find underwater treasure
    • A TV show titled "Space Ranger" (perhaps it's actually "Republican Space Rangers"?)
    • You can take pictures with your phone and upload them to Social Club
    • The cellphone has nine apps: camera, internet, contacts, social media, calendar and an option to replay an older mission
    • Pick up hitch hikers
    • Play yoga, golf, tennis, flying challenges and bike races
    • You can buy property such as houses, garages and businesses for extra income
  • Vehicles
    • A small special forces type boat named Zodiac
  • Missions
    • Trevor gets into some kind of shootout with The Lost MC
    • There's a heist named 'Blitz Play', which in very similar to the heist featured in the movie Heat
  • Other
    • IGN once again shows us that they don't properly research anything by spelling Niko's name wrong for the millionth time
    • IGN is disappointed the game doesn't look like new linear-path games



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