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Are you anxiously counting down the days on your calendar to September 17th? Do you find yourself constantly scrounging the web for news, details, and screenshots for one of the biggest games of the decade? Has watching the newly released gameplay video made it even more difficult to wait for a copy Grand Theft Auto V to be in your hands? Well – you can trust us when we tell you that you’re not alone.

Since the release of the Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video less than two weeks ago, Rockstar Games has kept quiet in regards to any additional news, previews, or updates for GTA V. Earlier today, CVG released a new episode of GTA 5 o'clock - Conspiracy Theories, Social Media & Cheats. In this episode, they speculate on certain rumors, answer questions about cheats, social media, and more. Although the latest GTA 5 o'clock lacks any concrete details from Rockstar Games directly, it may be enough to satisfy your GTA V appetite for a short while.

GTA 5 o'clock - Conspiracy Theories, Social Media & Cheats: In this week's GTA 5 o'clock Dan and Tim go through the biggest Grand Theft Auto 5 conspiracy theories and analyse the chances of them being true, plus they answer your questions about cheats, social media and more. It's all in this week's GTA 5 o'clock

GTA 5 'o clock is your weekly look at Grand Theft Auto 5, with Dan Dawkins and Tim Weaver. You can tune in every Wednesday at 5PM UK time to get the best, most in depth analysis of 2013's biggest game from some of the best brains in the games industry.

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With the month of August only a week away, we are expecting to see increased coverage and lots of news, previews, and screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V. Let’s not forget – Rockstar has remained extremely tight-lipped in regards to GTA V Online – so we’ll also be expecting lots of coverage on that aspect as of the game well.

Be sure to check back with us shortly with more updates.

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