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Beta Victor Vance
Beta Victor Vance V1 (VCS PSP).zip
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Beta Victor  Vance V1

By  Gamerzworld


This modifcation makes Victor Vance look more like the beta version which features a lighter skin tone, signfantly changed face, different pants, a  tatto, different dog tag and a USMC logo. I tried to keep the textures a close as possible to the original ones. However, I did have to get a little creative on some parts to make it properly fit the final model since there are no model editors.


/-The Textures-/

*ig_vance_head_new - Resized beta texture to 128x128 to fit the final texture map and added the eyes since the beta texture had the eyes in a seperate texture. (Cut scene, also known as CS, models have a seperate texture that contains the eyes and mouth. Actual in-game textures have the eyes "baked-in" into actual head texture)

*ig_vance_boots - Texture remained the same between beta and the final.

*ig_vance_dtag - This one is the odd one. The final texture looks corrupted in texture viewers but looks fine in-game. The dog tag texture in the beta texture looks proper. I directly imported the beta texture over the final dtag texture for now. I'll try to fix it in a later version if I get some time to play around with it.

*ig_vance_trousers_camo - Beta texture tweaked. Had to strectch them a bit. Also did some corrections in certain areas so it would look right when mapped around the final model.

*ig_vance_arms - Beta texture with no edits. (The beta Victor has a much lighter skin tone.)

*ig_vance_arm_tattoo - Beta texture with no edits.

*ig_vance_t_shirt - Mostly the orginal beta texture, however I did have to directly apply the USMC logo to the shirt as the final texture mappings do not use the logo in the left corner. Also lighted up the sleeves part of the shirt as the final texture maps do not play well with the old sleeves part of the texture. (Beta Victor had a slightly darker shirt.) (The USMC logo was most likely removed from the final as it could cause trademark issues. Probably the same reason Semper Fi was removed from the army base.)

*ig_vance_t_shirt_back - Mostly the original beta texture. Edited the collar a bit to fit the front. As I did with the front, I edited the sleeves part of the texture to fit.

/-Known Issues/Things to do-/

*The cut scene Victor needs to be updated with the beta look. (I did attempt to replace the CS model and texture with the beta CS model and texture. Seems Rockstar changed the CS model format and never updated the beta model)

*The dog tag is off due to texture map. I need to play around with it some more to make it correctly fit.

*Maybe try to re-do the mod to see if there are less edits can be done to the beta textures to keep them as original as possible.

*Apply the beta head and skin tone to the rest of Vic's outfits.

*Remake the texture for the PS2 version.

/-How to Install-/

1. Get your GTA:VCS ISO (If you don't know how, there are tons of tutorials on how to mod your PSP.)
3. Open the IMG file with YAIE (Available here:
4. Replace texture1.chk with the one provided and exit out (Be sure to keep a backup!)
5. Open the VCS ISO with UMDGen (Available here:
7. Drag and drop your edited GTA3PSP.IMG file into UMDGen and replace.
8. Save the ISO (Be sure to save the ISO as a different name than the original else UMDGen will just throw an error)
9. ???


*Dageron for making his VCS texture editor public.
*DustCrazy for his IMG editor.
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Posted by: AJ Collins August 08, 2012, 06:40:04 PM

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