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Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is out now. We'll be streaming the PlayStation 4 version occasionally at our newly setup Twitch channel. Be sure to stop by if you're on the fence or waiting for the PC version and let us know in chat what you want to see!

The wait now shifts to the PC version which should be out on January 27th. Hopefully now that the PS4/Xbone versions are out, we'll be seeing more of the PC.

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Rockstar was kind enough to send us over this RockstarNexus exclusive Grand Theft Auto V screenshot! We're less than three days away now from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release with the heavily anticipated PC version coming January 27th.

Thanks Rockstar!

EDIT: Here's a list of fansites that have received exclusive screenshots. Thanks to for compiling the list! | (2) | The GTA Base | Rockstar Universe | GTA-Series | GTATurk | GTAGaming | GTA Warehouse | | RockstarWorld | GTA-Xtreme | GTAPro | GTAVision | RockstarNetwork | | GTAInside | GTATheGame | The GTA Place | GTANext | Rockstar98

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With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch of Grand Theft Auto V fast approaching in just 7 days, Rockstar has released one last trailer. You can watch it above via YouTube or download the source 1080p file.

The song is "Let's Go All the Way" by Sly Fox.

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Two websites, IGN and CVG, have released today previews of Grand Theft Auto V for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. These previews mainly focus on the new first-person mode. First-person is something the community has been asking about for quite awhile. Indeed, one of the most popular mods for Grand Theft Auto IV was a first-person camera mod. Rockstar has played around with first-person in the past with Midnight Club: Los Angeles, taking the time to properly detail the dashboard and character. Both websites detail the amount of additional work Rockstar went through to make it work in a more sandbox environment and I highly encourage you to read them both in their entirety. As always, we've summed up the important bits below.

  • Game runs at 1080p and 30 FPS on PlayStation 4
  • PC version can run at 4k (was that really even a question?)
  • Over 3,000 animations on weapons alone to make first person work
  • PS4 touch pad is used to enter first person
  • 100s of new songs
  • CVG heard "Tell me Why" by Back Street Boys
  • Over 20 new species of wildlife
  • Wild Rabbits
  • Cats
  • Fireflies in the forest

A game-play trailer (at top) has also been released showcasing the new first-person view. We've managed to score a 1080p unwatermarked version on YouTube, but keep in mind the amount of compression YouTube adds might be less than ideal for some. Past new-gen trailers have later been released with higher-bitrates -- we'll let you know when/if we see it pop-up on the net.

Several new screenshots have been released as well.


EDIT: The new gameplay trailer has gone live on Rockstar's website. While a MP4 or a WMV version isn't available yet, a 1080p FLV version is. You'll need a player that supports FLV such as VLC. We'll let you know if a higher-quality version gets released.
EDIT 2: We've added 11 new screenshots from the IGN preview.

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The "Last Team Standing" update is now available for Grand Theft Auto Online. The update adds two new fire arms: the Heavy Shotgun and the Marksman Rifle, two new motorcycles: the Shitzu Hakuchou and the LCC Innovation, a new sports car called the Furore GT, Last Team Standing creator mode and a bunch of new outfits, masks, tops, pants and more.

This update also brings patch 1.17 which fixes a number of issues with Online and adds some nifty features such as expanded "on-call" functionality. You can view a full change list over at the Rockstar Support article.

On another note, you might have noticed things have been a bit quiet. We've been working on server upgrades across our network websites such as GTAStunting and Bully-Board. We're happy to announce that not only are the upgrades complete, we've also rolled out SSL! With the updates in-place, we are now refocusing our attention to improvements to both the RockstarNexus website and the outdated Cards system. We hope to have more news to share soon.

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Rockstar has finally released a new trailer and firm release dates for the new-gen and PC remaster of Grand Theft Auto V.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will be releasing this November 18th.

If you're on PC however, be prepared for yet another wait. The PC version will release two months after XBone and PS4 on January 27, 2015. The reason for the delay? None given. Just two weeks ago a support representative confirmed the game was on-track for Fall 2014 after rumors of a delay. (UPDATE: The support article has mysteriously disappeared from Rockstar's website. However, the Internet never forgets.)

We also now have a more complete list of improvements to the remaster:

  • Over 100 additional songs added
  • New weapons, vehicles and activities
  • Additional wildlife Denser traffic
  • New foliage system
  • Enhanced damage and weather effects
  • Increased draw distances and higher resolution
  • Increased player count of 30 on PS4 and XBone (No word on PC)

Those who pre-order the remaster will receive 500,000 GTA$ in single player and another 500k in GTAOnline.

If you played GTAV on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, you'll have "exclusive content" waiting for you in the remaster. Content includes:

  • Classic vehicles such as the Dukes
  • Dodo Seaplane
  • A faster Blimp
  • New activities including wildlife photography and new shooting range challenges
  • New weapons

And more If the trailer wasn't enough, here's 16 new screenshots from the PS4 for your perusal.

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The Flight School DLC and update 1.16 for Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V have been released. The new air vehicles DLC brings us are the Western Besra training jet, the Swift helicopter and a 16-seater Buckingham Mil-Jet. Afraid of flights? You can hit the streets in the new Invertero Coquette Classic. The update also brings 10 new solo air training missions, flight suit clothing and a reserve parachute that gives you a second chance at landing.

If that wasn't enough, the DLC also brings three new VS mission modes. Acquire Targets will have players use P996 Lazer jets to control a flag and rack up points. G-Rating will have pilots picking up 15 flags from both hot and cold zones. Lastly in Air Force Zero pilots must defend an aircraft from enemy attack.

Need some extra cash? With the new update Rockstar has increased payouts and RP rewards for more difficult missions, now time scaled, and payouts are no longer reduced on replays.

To get the update, simply turn on your console and update your game when prompted. The new content is included with the title update on the PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 players will need to download a compatibility pack, which you can add to your download list now by heading on over to the Xbox website. A full list of changes are available on the Rockstar Support website.

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The oft rumored Flight School update for Grand Theft Auto Online has just been announced by Rockstar. The update, releasing tomorrow August 19, brings a collection of new air and land vehicles - along with new aerial solo challenges and "much more". Those looking for higher payouts, tomorrow's update will also increase payouts for harder to complete missions and extra GTA$ for playing missions with others.

Still no word on the new-gen/PC version nor heists. As usual, we'll let you know as soon as the DLC goes live tomorrow - along with links to download.

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