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02 May 2012 - RockstarLoft launched!

I'm proud to announce the launch of RockstarLoft, a new community fansite for Rockstar Games fans. Over the past week my good friend John and I have been working on several concepts for the website. There are still somethings that are a work in progress such as a downloads system and a few other ideas we have in mind but would like to keep them under wraps until we feel comfortable with unleashing the public on them. As the site is still very new, there are bound to be a few bumps in the road and the community right now is small, but I assure you that if you stick around we will do everything humanly possible to bring you guys the best Rockstar Games fansite. Many of you out there in the community may know me by the username of Gamerzworld and others of you might remember me as the administrator of a popular Rockstar Games fansite I helped run for 6 years. With RockstarLoft I hope to bring fresh new ideas to the table and help set it apart from other fellow fansites. Here's to a new voyage!

AJ Collins

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