News: Social Club cards launched

An avid Red Dead Redemption fan and Redditor inspirermeg had to create a project for her High School media class. The project? To re-imagine a classic board game. So the natural course of action was to combine both Red Dead Redemption and the classic board game Monopoly! Within a two-week time span inspirermeg worked on all aspects of the project such as the board, property cards, chance cards and luck cards. The response to the project on Reddit has been overwhelming with over 15,000 up-votes and over 800 comments so far, most of which are pleas of encouragement to pitch the project to Rockstar and Hasbro.

Due to time constraints of the assignment, she wasn't able to fully complete the project but she hopes to finish it soon. You can check out what's completed so far above or you can view the original submission on Reddit.

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