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Wanted more Grand Theft Auto V information ahead of the GTAOnline previews on Thursday? We've got you covered. Rockstar has finally launched the full official website and has packed it full of a number of small goodies. We've taken the liberty of breaking it all down below.

Fast Cars at your Fingertips

Here we see that Proposition 602 from San Andreas actually passed, this is according to the header text that states "Thanks to the foresight by a consortium of automotive, petroleum and tire manufacturers, burdensome and congestion-causing mass transit was shut down 60 years ago in Los Santos." The section gives us a 360-degree look at the Benefactor Feltzer, the Obey Tailgater and the Coil Voltic. To end, the section states that if you want one of these fine cars, you should see Simeon Yetarian of Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

Thriving Economy & Commerce

Here we see the return of Bawsaq, Pibwasser, Mollis, MAIBATSU, HVY, Binco, Fruit LC, RON Oil, Ammu-Nation, ZiT, Weazel, Whiz, Shark, Badger, Sprunk, CNT, Bleeter, BitterSweet, FLEECA and The Bank of Liberty. New to the market are Maze Bank of Los Santos, Dynasty 8, Hawk & Little, LTD, The Grain to Truth, Los Santos Customs, WIWANG, Ubermacht, Vom Feuer Guns, LS Department of Water & Power and PONSONBYS to name a few.


Affordable Heathcare

Mont Zonah Medical Center seems to have a huge advertising budget as the section states you'll see ads everywhere for the hospital. Dr. Isiah Friedlander, Michael's therapist, makes an appearance stating that three out of four SA residents undergo therapy (according to the 1990 LS census). Lastly, we see someone who looks to be Franklin lighting up a joint. If so, this would be the first time in a Grand Theft Auto game the player actually gets to smoke. Rockstar had considered to have this functionality in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but cut to for unknown reasons.


The Great Outdoors

Here we see some amazing shots of the Blaine County country side. Yes, it does mention Mount Chiliad.

Accessible Air Travel

The Shamal makes a front and center appearance in this section. A Palento Bay on the north cost of Blaine County is mentioned along with Nogo vodka. You can purchase aircraft from Elitas Travel and their website (redirects to the GTAV website).

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Shopping & Glamor

The high end shops on Rockford Hills while disaffected drug addict hipsters shop in Hawick. Two hairstyle salons are mentioned: Herr Kuts and Beachcombover Barbers.


Leadership You can Trust

What would a GTA be without someone trying to become a politician! Here we see TV star Jock Cranley - not putting his head between a pair of strippers tits - going head-to-head with Sue Murry for the coveted position of Governor.


Vehicular Customization Shops

Wheels, paint, body kits and more are available for make your ride your own. Cars we see customized are a Grotti Carbonizzare, Benefactor Dubsta, Dewbauchee Rapid GT and a Declasse Vigero.

Beaches and Waterports

Friendly Neighbors

Coming Soon

Upcoming sections are: Exciting Music and Entertainment, Exclusive Country Clubs, Sightseeing & Celebrity, Local Artisans, Fitness & Relaxation, Lovely Accommodations, 24-Hour Convenience Stores, Security & Piece of Mind, Serenity & Wellness and finally an Opportunity for the Upwardly Mobile

New Screenshots

Source: Grand Theft Auto V Official Website

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