News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

In preparation for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar has updated Social Club with a slightly new design and have added a much needed feature: crew hierarchy. Crew hierarchy allows you to essentially organize your crew and assign administrative, moderation and recruiting permissions to different crew members.

  • Commissioners - Have complete administrative power over the crew
  • Lieutenants - Essentially moderators who have the ability to promote and demote sub-ordinate ranks
  • Representatives - Have the ability to recruit new members to the crew
  • Muscle - Standard muscle with no special permissions

There are no limits on how many people you can have in each group. One addition we're hoping for in the future is the ability to organize your muscle. For example, say you have some members of your crew that know their way around a car but are hopeless when it comes to shooting.

One other small addition to Social Club is the ability to set a crew color. This color is shown below the crew tag and is filled in sections depending on your rank in the crew. Rockstar states that crew colors will also appear in another to-be-announced place.

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