News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Continuing their Grand Theft Auto V week, IGN has just posted a hands on preview of Grand Theft Auto Online. While a number of elements have already been confirmed before, there are a few new details that are just now coming to light:

  • Demo was on the Xbox 360.
  • West Coast Talk Radio (WCTR) makes a return, complete with Lazlow.
  • Players that are not a part of races can disrupt them.
  • One online mission involves you breaking into a military base to steal a cargo plane with support from your crew to ensure it gets back in one piece.
  • Full games of Golf and Tennis can be played online.
  • You and 15 other players can visit and watch movies at theaters
  • As previously confirmed, you can do your banking through ATMs. You can also use your cell phone to do banking.
  • Can visit strip clubs with friends, complete with a "Make it Rain" button. Private sessions and the ability to get a little "touchy" while the bouncer isn't looking also make an appearance.

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