News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Ever wanted your very own iFruit phone? Too bad, that's still a long ways off. However, you can have the next best thing -- an iFruit app for your smartphone. From the comfort of your toilet or while driving in real life, you can remotely trick out or order your dream vehicle from Los Santos Customs and pick it up from the shop when you hop on Grand Theft Auto V. The app also features Chop the Dog which not only lets you walk and train him for extra bonuses, there are also a number of mini-games such as heading out to the beach and removing bikinis off of beach babes.

The next app coming to your smart phone is a digital manual for Grand Theft Auto V. Not only does it contain the usual stuff for manual, you can also accesses a satellite view of Los Santos and Blaine County to explore different places of interest from the sky.

The iFruit app is currently available on iOS platforms, with the manual app coming later today to the same platform. Sorry Android users, you're at the back of the bus with both releases with no release date given. Windows Phone users, you'll be surprised to know that both apps are actually coming to your phone soon, along with the PS Vita and PC/Mac desktop applications.

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