News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Rockstar has released a status update on a number of topics regarding Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V.

Stimulus Package

Get out your Rockstar Time charts and add another entry. The 500,000 GTA$ stimulus package as been delayed again, citing a number of issues still remaining in GTAO. Rockstar hopes to have a new patch out sometime next week that contains a few tweaks and fixes to the game.

Creator and DLC

Many of you are likely anxiously awaiting the content creator. While no time frame other than "fall" has been attached, Rockstar has stated you'll be able to create new deathmatches and races with the first version of the editor. If unlimited content isn't enough for you, Rockstar has also announced that The Beach Bum pack will be releasing in early November. The pack contains new beach-themed vehicles and new weapons for your arsenal. Also included are new tattoos, hairstyles, jobs, gang attacks, survivals, last team standings, parachutes, deathmatches, races and more. Both the editor and the Beach Bum pack are free.

Social Club Event Weekends

To top it all off, Rockstar will be holding special event weekends starting in November. You'll encounter a number of special rewards and bonuses such as limited-edition event crate drops and discounts on items in-game. Rockstar will also be hosting a live-stream show of the event, giving away free GTAV gear.

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