News: Social Club cards launched

A few weeks late to the party, Rockstar has finally released a trailer for the mobile versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that were released in December.

The game is out now for Android, Kindle and iOS devices. Click here for a list of supported Android devices and click here for a list of support iOS devices. Those of you with Windows Phones, you'll have to wait for an undisclosed time period.

A bit of a warning if you have an Android device, the latest patch 1.03 which was released on December 20th breaks the game for many -- resulting in a black screen shortly after signing into Social Club. The only way to fix this is to downgrade the game to version 1.02, which is impossible without backups or finding the game via a different source. As of yet, Rockstar hasn't acknowledged this issue. Hopefully this doesn't end up unpatched like Vice City on Android's problem of screen freezing during cut scenes and in vehicles.


To celebrate the launch, Rockstar is giving away a number of San Andreas related prizes via its Facebook page. You can sign-up starting today through Monday January 13th at this promotion page. Miss out? A number of these items are expect to appear for purchase over at the Rockstar Warehouse soon.

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