News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Some good news for those still enjoying GameSpy powered games, Rockstar has silently updated their support article with a new shutdown date of June 10th. It is unknown at this time if this date is for all GameSpy powered games or just ones from Rockstar, however as far as we can tell GS is still up for all games. Previously, the service was supposed to shutdown on May 31st.

We're assuming the delay is to give developers extra time to roll out any patches. Just yesterday four (non-Rockstar) games received updates to remove the service. Rockstar has yet to release any updates for the titles affected, as noted to be necessary by the support article.

As we noted in our previous article, yesterday was the last day for Microsoft to officially announce the discontinuation of Games for Windows Live if it is to (legally) make the shutdown date of July 1st. It's safe to say at this point it has been delayed, likely for similar reasons that caused the GS shutdown to be delayed  -- giving developers more time. Again, still no word from Rockstar on the situation.

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