News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Everyone Loves a good comeback story, right? Sea Biscuit, The Mighty Ducks, Robert Downy Jr., Rocky....Kim Kardashian. Toward the end of last year, Rockstar published an update for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC. The update added wonky Xinput support, borked saved games for some countries and made some odd changes to default controls. The biggest controversy the patch caused was removing songs for which Rockstar had lost rights to.

Rockstar was no stranger to having to remove songs. A few years before, Rockstar had to remove a number of iconic songs from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Instead of removing the songs from everyone, however, Rockstar created a separate "depot" on Steam that was granted to those who owned the game before the removal. If you had this depot on your account, Steam would download the original audio files instead of the updated ones. For some unknown reason, Rockstar didn't do this for San Andreas, so everyone received the cut audio files - despite warnings on this very site that this would happen two months before the patch went live. While it would have been perfectly acceptable to remove these songs from newly purchased copies, removing the songs from already purchased copies is a huge red flag for anyone considering to go digital with game purchases.

8 months and 21 days have gone by so far without a peep on this issue. Surprisingly, 8 days ago SteamDB detected that two new depot packages have been added to the private beta version of San Andreas: GTA San Andreas: Original Radio Update and GTA San Andreas: Original Radio Update DE (German). Could the original audio be making a comeback for owners who purchased the game before the rights ended? Hopefully it won't take another two months to see the end results of these two packages - and hopefully Rockstar doesn't update anything else. :P

In the mean time, you can use the Steam to V1.0 downgraders that were created in the wake of the updates last year that not only restore the original files, but allow for easier modding and SA-MP/MTA support.

PS: You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet around here. While this is partly due to the lack of any real news coming out of Rockstar worth reporting on; I've been swamped in real life with moving into a new apartment, my full-time IT job and college. I also just found out a few weeks ago that I'm becoming a father in March. Now that I'm finally getting some time to breathe, I fully plan on starting work on some much updates to RockstarNexus and our sister sites GTAStunting and Bully-Board.

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