News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Max Payne 3's first DLC pack, Local Justice, is now available worldwide on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Included in the pack is three re-purposed single player maps (Imperial Palace, Departure Lounge and 55th Battalion HQ), M4 Assault Rifle complete with attachments, Light Fingers item for faster body looting and new achievements. Also added is the Sao Paulo Police as a multiplayer faction.

As previously announced, the Local Justice Pack is available at a discounted price of 480MSP/$5.99 for this week only. Next week the pack will be 640MSP/$7.99. Additionally, all the pre-order bonuses are now available for purchase. PC owners, just because that's what you are, will be getting the pack and the pre-order bonuses two weeks later on July 17th.

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