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Throughout the week Rockstar has been releasing new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots and today marks the release of four additional screens to wet your appetite. In the first screenshot, we see a man, who appears to be one of the guys featured in the first trailer, shooting back at a police helicopter with some very nice looking nighttime city scape in the background. The second one features the return of the Infernus, which doesn't appear to have changed much from GTAIV. In the screen, the same man is again being chased by the police. The third screen is a beautiful shot of what appears to be the the same guy in a stunt plane (or Biplane) flying over some breathtaking scenery. In the final shot we have what looks to be again the same guy hanging onto the side of a Packer in a high speed chase with police. The vehicle in the back of the Packer looks to be either the Bullet or an updated Infernus.

Rockstar ends their post by teasing us with "We will be back with some more to see in a few weeks or so."

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