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Beat, a well known video editor from our sister site GTAStunting, recently released a brand new short film created in Grand Theft Auto IV. The short, titled "The Aventador Redemption", is the spiritual sequel to "The Lamborghini Reventon" which was another GTAIV short video he released last year to much fanfare.

"I tried to mix different genres of music, different moods and different styles to give a huge variety to the action and make it appealing for every type of audience. Also this is the first video where I actually attempted following proper cinematography rules making it look like a movie as much as possible, I also spent more than 8 hours designing the sound, making sure it hits the proper feel."

To watch, just hit play in the YouTube player above or head on over to the release topic for download options!

"The Aventador Redemption" has recently been featured by Rockstar on their newswire blog, congrats Beat!

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