News: Social Club cards launched

Rockstar will be holding a special Max Payne 3 Halloween event tomorrow Friday October 26 from 4 to 7 PM Eastern. Four Rockstar developers will be playing during tomorrow's event on Xbox Live and will be taking on special challengers at some point during the event. As always, Rockstar will be live streaming the event via the Social Club events page and their channel complete with the usual giveaway of some awesome Max Payne 3 merchandise to five lucky viewers.

To celebrate, Rockstar will be giving out an exclusive demonic skull to all those who participate in the event playlist which will be active for all three platforms tomorrow and a day of the dead skull to all active players who have selected a founder crew as their active crew or have at least played one full game in the special event. Neither of the skulls have a unique advantages other than looking awesome. If you have yet to join a crew, our Social Club crew is always looking for some new members and it meets the founder criteria for the day of the dead skull!

Looking to level up? Rockstar has you covered as well with triple XP all weekend on all three platforms. 

Personally, I'll be playing on the PC tomorrow. Feel free to add me on Social Club if you want to meet up!

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