News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

A few weeks ago it was announced that Grand Theft Auto V would be making an appearance in the December issue of Game Informer but there was no mention of a firm release date. GI has finally revealed that the issue will be coming on November 8th.

The Grand Theft Auto V feature will be over 18 pages long and will be full of information and screenshots so expect to have some massive reading to do. 

In the morning hours of November 8th, they will reveal the cover art for the December issue and a break down of what the issue covers. Then at noon (US Central Time), the issue will be released online digitally for digital subscribers and those who choose to purchase the individual issue online.  Print subscribers will get their copies a few weeks later.

For more information on how to subscribe or how to purchase an individual digital copy, head on over to the Game Informer blog. Of course, we will have a complete rundown of everything mentioned in the issue if you are unable to acquire a copy.

Check here for a time zone conversion chart of when the issue should be released (pending any delays) or check out the countdown below.

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