News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

Firstly, lets add some clarification. Starting with the PC version of  L.A. Noire, the Social Club run times are independent of the game on PC. Essentially this means that Social Club can be updated independently of the game. Every time you launch the game the run times will download an initial cache of data to ensure that it has the latest information in case you go offline. Recently, folders named "gta5" have been appearing in the cache files. In an attempt by Rockstar either at trolling or just simply putting placeholder files, the folders only consist of copied Max Payne 3 data files and the images below. (Note that the truck picture is actually in the images folder two times)

If you'd like to check for yourself and have either L.A. Noire or Max Payne 3 on PC, just make sure you've recently launched one of them and check this folder: [System Drive]:/Program Files (x86)/Rockstar Games/Social Club/UI/images/gta5. The path may vary depending on your system. As of 10/29/12, we can confirm the files are still there.

EDIT: It seems the "gta5" files are no longer being downloaded by Social Club. If your game had already downloaded the files, it doesn't seem to delete them.

As for if this all means there is a PC version in development, signs do point to yes. The only game cache folders to appear in the Social Club framework files on PC so far (besides GTAV) are L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3, both of which have PC versions. Max Payne Mobile is the only other game beside LAN and MP3 to include the Social Club framework and the PC version of the framework doesn't seem to cache files for it. Additionally, the framework only seems to be used on platforms that don't have a set way of handing players, multiplayer, messages and achievements. This means that consoles do not use this framework and use a different, limited implementation of Social Club.

EDIT 2: A number of fans are independently confirming the files are showing up for them over at GTAForums.

EDIT 3: We've found a number of references to the Grand Theft Auto V codebase in the socialclub.dll file. While it doesn't reveal anything, still an interesting to see.

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