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With the release of the Game Informer first reveal of Grand Theft Auto V, the embargo on a number of websites who also previewed the same demo has been lifted. As it was the same demo Game Informer saw, what new information we have from these previews is stuff GI didn't include in their write up. So far Meristation, The Guardian and Jeuxactu are the only three to publish their previews. As with the last preview, we have summed up the new information from all three into convenient bullet points. (Note: IGN will be releasing their preview in bits throughout the week)


  • Mechanics
    • The switch menu is a circular menu with the faces of the three characters (perhaps similar to the weapon switch menu in Redemption?)
    • Single player and multiplayer developed by separate teams
    • Vehicle handling overseen by developers of Midnight Club: Los Angeles
    • Combat overseen by Max Payne 3 developers
  • Music
    • Radar Love by Golden Earring was heard in the demo (Check out our Grand Theft Auto V playlist for songs that are confirmed to be present in GTAV!)
    • The music score uses the stem system developed for Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 
  • Game World
    • Full map open from the start
    • Redemption was used as a "starting point"
    • A full ecosystem of wildlife
    • Underwater caves
    • Deserts, villages, farmlands and mountains
    • Fast food joints such as "The Lucky Plucker"
    • Juice bars
    • Boutiques
    • Trains
    • You will see random police car chases
  • Story
    • Story will feature six big heists
  • Things to do
    • Triathlons
    • More things to spend money on
    • You can call any protagonist and play some activities with them
  • Vehicles
    • Most vehicles in a GTA so far
    • Police trucks
  • Protagonists
    • Michael was the first character Rockstar thought of, then Trevor and then Franklin



EDIT: Some more screenshots have been released.


EDIT 2: Here are three more screens that have trickled out.


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