News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

To celebrate the holidays, Rockstar has been kind enough to release a new batch of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots. In the first shot we can see a character with scuba gear exploring the ocean while a shark swims near. The next screen we see what looks to be a confirmation of drivable submarines. The third screenshot takes to the skies with Trevor piloting what looks to be an Andromada while a fighter jet piloted by an unknown person flies near. The fourth screenshot we see Franklin driving what might be a Voodoo with Chop in the passenger seat.  Chop seems to be sporting a new pink collar as opposed to the bigger brown one we see in the second trailer. The final screenshot is a group shot of all three protagonists. Michael seems to be surprised by his phone while Franklin leans against a car and Trevor stares off into the distance.

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