News: GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 3 is out now

In August, we reported that the future of Games for Windows Live, the service powering Grand Theft Auto IV and the Episodes from Liberty City on PC, was in question. Microsoft had published a statement on a support page stating that the service was due for shutdown on July 1, 2014. That statement was later removed and Microsoft hasn't said anything on the issue since. In that article we noted that it was looking like a number of developers were prepping to re-release older games without the service.

Rocksteady Studios, developer of Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, released an update this week for both titles on Steam. The update removes Games for Windows Live and uses Steamworks in its place. Erik Miller, developer at the studio, released a statement telling players that they can now claim their Games for Windows Live copies on Steam. The statement also gave reasoning behind the update:

Dear Batman Arkham Fans - Microsoft has begun the process of closing down Windows Live services over the next year. To make sure there is no interrupted service, we will be moving the game to Steam for verification and update services for both the Base and GOTY versions of Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City.

With the cat out of the bag, it makes us wonder why Microsoft is still so keen on keeping the shutdown hush-hush. The million dollar question on our minds is will Rockstar update GTAIV so multiplayer and achievements can still be enjoyed after the Live shutdown. We haven't seen any indication of activity on GTAIV in the Steam database yet. When we published our last article on the situation, we sent an email to Rockstar asking for a comment. Months later, we still haven't seen a reply on the issue.

We'll let you know if we hear anything, don't hold your breath though.

Source: Steam Community

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