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While we're still waiting for Rockstar to fix the San Andreas update blunders, a private testing branch (update) has been added to Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City on Steam. Admittedly, we're a bit late to the party as the branches were created on July 31st with no update to them since then. While nothing official has been announced by Rockstar, our money is on one of two things - either song removals or removal of Games for Windows Live.

We've made numerous posts about the impending shutdown of Games for Windows Live. Back in 2013, Microsoft mistakenly announced that they were planning to discontinue the service July of last year - an announcement that was retracted but then later reconfirmed by a developer. We attempted to reach out to Rockstar a few times regarding the shutdown but had received no response. Even Rockstar's own sister company 2K released updates for their legacy titles to remove G4W. July came and went and it seemed Microsoft had given the service a temporary reprieve as a number of popular titles still hadn't been updated. With Windows 10 now out and Microsoft moving their online PC services to the Xbox modern app, it stands to reason Microsoft would want to deprecate the old Games for Windows Live service as soon as possible.

With three more years to go before we hit the 10 year anniversary (the length of time Rockstar seems to license songs for), it doesn't seem likely the update would be to remove songs. Hopefully we'll have good news soon.

EDIT: Just a few hours after this post, both titles received another update to their beta branch.

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